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Toronto Condos. The love of my life.

"You should write a blog". So I did.

I've been asked a lot by clients to document some of my experiences in the real estate world of late, especially with some of the craziness we're seeing in the Toronto condo market. Apparently I have a lot of stories that are somewhat entertaining and after hearing "you should write a blog" a few dozen times over the past couple years, I decided to put pen to paper (so to speak).

"We had no idea what went on behind the scenes"

Last week, after clients of mine had lost their second bidding war in a week, I put my phone on speaker as I called the listing agent for a condo on the Waterfront they were prepared to make a bully offer on that afternoon. I wanted my clients to hear who I was dealing with on the other end, the conversations that go on, and why certain deals are smooth and why others are like pulling teeth. Their exact words after I hung up the phone: "we had no idea what went on behind the scenes and we now really appreciate working with someone who knows what they are doing". That one comment made me realize how much the general public doesn't see (or appreciate) what goes on in order to make a real estate transaction go through to completion, so my hope with this blog is to provide a little more insight into how deals actually happen, the joys and frustrations agents deal with on a daily basis, market trends I've seen happen and where I think the market is heading, all while hopefully educating and entertaining. I've kept this first blog short (mostly because it was my wife's 40th birthday last night and I'm still recovering) but please stay tuned for more to come!

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Your Toronto condo lover,

Adil Dharssi

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